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Using the Contact Form below (scroll down) you can contact any of our teachers via email. They will reply to you in a timely manner. Should you have comments or questions about anything found on our website, please do not hesitate to contact either Mr. Boyko or Mrs. Sauder. 


Mr. S. Boyko

Assistant Principal

Mrs. L. Sauder


Ms. E. Bartz

Administrative Assistant

Mrs. S. Schneider

Business Manager

Mrs. K. Bidniak



Contact Form

  • Student Attendance
  • Principal
  • Assistant Principal
  • Ms. E. Bartz (School Counselor)
  • Mrs. Bidniak (Secretary/Business Manager)
  • Mrs. Schneider (Secretary)
  • Mrs. Statham (Library)
  • Mrs. Austen (Grade 1)
  • Mr. Bartsch (Grade 5)
  • Ms. C. Bartz (AM ECS/PM Grade 6)
  • Mrs. Beck (Grade 4)
  • Miss Cameron (grade 3)
  • Ms. Griffiths (Grade 2)
  • Mrs. Cursiter (Grade 1)
  • Mrs. Kuzyk (Grade 3)
  • Mr. Overn (Grade 5)
  • Mr. Pelechosky (Grade 4)
  • Ms. Rice (Grade 6/FSL)
  • Mr. Russell (Grade 6)
  • Ms. Savchuk (Grade 2)
  • Miss Scott (ECS)
  • Mrs. Sikora (Music/Grade 3)
  • Ms. Uhrig (Grade 2)